We have to recognize that digital marketers follow a clock that is quite different from those of others. When we take a broad stroke look at how a digital marketer spends a typical day, it could be categorized into:

Reviewing performance

This entails working through a maze of KPIs and metrics for organic and paid campaigns across multiple channels. In simple words, it’s the ‘what’s happening?’ analysis. This takes a significant chunk of about 30-40% of the marketers’ bandwidth.

Identifying opportunities and making course corrections

Now that the marketer tries to convince themselves that they have a good handle on the situation. The next task includes predicting the target audience for higher engagement, click rate, conversion, reallocate budget across channels, modifying or re-creating creatives. Next up…

Executing the decisions

Here they will deploy the decisions and apply the budgets across ad campaigns. This is the point they are ready to go back to reviewing the performance all over again.

In more cases than not, the first two steps involve about 40% of the marketers’ bandwidth, not to mention the lack of confidence in whether their understanding was sound, or the decisions they made and dollars they allocated/re-allocated are going to give a good measure of results. It is a game of throwing darts based on intuition, experience, and a good measure of courage!

It is not a surprise then that a recent study by Adgorithms found that about 35% of digital marketers have difficulty in:

1.) Understanding the relative contribution of marketing channels to conversions

2.) Operating fast enough to keep up with the rapid pace of interactions and data collection 

How can that happen?

What if there is an AI expert that looks at the data across channels and does around-the-clock optimization for lower-order (ex: changing timings for posts or ad publishing) decisions. It then presents insights and opportunities for higher-order decisions (ex: Re-allocating budget to different channels) with the associated actions for approval.

With this, a big chunk of their bandwidth is left on the table to grab for the things they rather do. That is spending the time on their more impacting mandate of strategy, creativity, content, and customer interactions.

This was the driver that we started to build Glance. An AI expert such as Glance is a co-pilot and an intelligent one at that! That intelligence is not only helping in avoiding marketing dollar wastage and lifting the burden of time-consuming tasks but also boosting confidence in the marketers’ strategy creation and execution goals.

Background photo created by Racool_studio – www.freepik.com

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