Welcome to our blog Tada! If you’re curious about the naming, here’s what the web dictionary says:

Ta-da, pronounced as /täˈdä/, means an imitation of a fanfare, typically calls attention to an impressive entrance or a dramatic announcement.

“The grand entrance of curated insights from data is the Tada moment. Also, a wordplay on data is Tada!”

We launched Glance with the intent of reducing the cognitive overload for a marketer in a mid-sized company and making marketing effective. What do we mean by ‘cognitive overload?’ Why do we care? Well, it’s not a fair world. Marketers in mid-sized companies draw the short-straw. Their life is a perfect storm.

  • There is a deluge of metrics and KPIs from all marketing channels and siloed viewpoints
  • Lack of data science expertise to leverage the data that they already have
  • No reliable way to get to insights and take proactive marketing actions with high confidence

The cost of such cognitive overload is a loss of marketing dollars as well as reduced marketer productivity.

Our vision started with ‘What if we could reduce the time-to-action through recommendations? What if we could magically make insights from all the data? What if we could debut this knowledge into glorious and effective marketing and email marketing segmentation?’ We decided to solve this problem.

We hope you enjoy this blog as much as we enjoy writing it. We intend to discuss data science, marketing, and interesting tales of building Glance.

Happy Glancing!

Pic Courtesy:Light vector created by macrovector – www.freepik.com

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