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Interview: Role Of Content Marketing In SaaS

We recently sat down and had a conversation with the content marketing manager at Kixie about his company and what it means to be in the world of content marketing. 

Jasper Benson-Sulzer was excited to tell us about this role at Kixie and the many things that inspire the content that he creates. Here are some of our favorite moments summarized from the interview.

Roy: What are some of your goals in content marketing as a SaaS company?

Jasper: We have a few, but our primary goal is to be informative, we want to help our customers and people who aren’t our customers understand how to improve sales processes, team performances, or how to read analytics.

Roy: How do you see content marketing helping the SaaS acquisition effort?

Jasper: Content touches every part of the customer-facing journey, so we want to be constantly engaging with customers in the community.

Zoe: We know that the freemium model often is attractive to customers, but Kixie doesn’t adopt that, is there any reason in particular for that?

Jasper: The freemium model works really well for B2C, but in B2B its not ideal. We want to offer a personalized experience for our customers and give them the attention they need. If we adopted freemium, we wouldn’t be able to offer that high-quality level of service that we want to offer to everyone.

Zoe: In what ways does your content help motivate people to buy your product?

Jasper: Social proof, so not content that we’re writing ourselves, but case studies and customer testimonials. In B2B companies, social proof is important because people want to see that other companies are enjoying the product and getting value out of it.

Zoe: What have you found is the best way to increase traffic to your content?

Jasper: Social media and collaboration. So engaging with other peer companies on social media, or having a featured section in our community newsletter. By outreaching to those companies and building relationships, we can share what they have with our customers and vice versa.

You can find the whole interview in the video above, to listen to everything Jasper had to say.


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