Dear friends, the Productive AI Podcast with Troy Angrignon recently featured Glance. In this podcast, our CEO, Roy Nallapeta, answers some pertinent questions on the state of data analytics (for marketing). The wrong questions asked by marketers for the longest time. AI’s role in making sense of the flood of data (dashboards) that business leaders are dealing with, and how Glance uses AI to wade through this data to discover insights, saving companies time and marketing spend. Please listen to the podcast below. We hope you enjoy this podcast as much as we did…

About this podcast: Productive AI podcast is a podcast where Troy Angrignon speaks with Artificial Intelligence experts, AI consulting firms, analysts, and investors, to simplify AI and make it more accessible to companies and business leaders. He also discusses how to build and sell AI solutions, how and why enterprises chose their AI platforms, and how they fared. You can expect in-depth dive discussions on AI, DL (deep learning), ML (machine learning), MLOps (machine learning operations), AIOps (applying AI to IT operations), and other subjects.

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