We are excited to announce yet another addition to our integrations. Integration with Stripe is here, and it brings real-time payment data to your customer segmentation.

Why is payment data important?

  • It tells you your customer’s intention to pay. For example, a customer who provides payment information in exchange for a free trial is more likely to continue using your product.
  • It shows you the value of your product to the customer. And you can identify product features or services which you need to improve.
  • It identifies your customer’s churn risk. You can focus your marketing on users who are likely to become high-value customers.
  • It creates customer segments that are unique to your business.
  • It is first-party data, compatible with new and existing data privacy regulations.

How can payment data make your marketing more effective?

  • You can address customer needs with real-time research.
    • It’s hard to know what your customers really want. Payment data gives you a picture of your customer in real-time. You can understand your customers’ spending patterns, or identify which behaviors lead to loyalty.
  • You can optimize your product performance.
    • There are many ways to measure your product performance. But often they are generic or take a broader view. With payment data, you can get a highly detailed view of rich data.
  • You can keep your customers coming back for more.

Retaining customers is about delivering the right message at the right time. When you understand your customer’s needs and their buyer’s journey, you can make targeted offers, not just blindly offer free services or discounts.

Glance marries Stripe payment data with product usage and marketing data to create an intent score – a predictive ranking of how likely a user is to buy, stay, upgrade, or leave. You’ll never be in the dark again about how to reach your customer.

Payment data is one of the most detailed and personalized sources of information you have about your customer. Don’t let it go to waste.

At Glance, Inc., we convert your prospects to high-value customers by using smart AI-driven customer segmentation and providing targeted content suggestions.

Now with payment data from Stripe, our segmentation is even smarter. This means your marketing just got better. Give us a try today!

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