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Daily Ad Brief Interviews Roy Nallapeta, Glance Inc.

“Digital Champions” with Roy Nallapeta from Glance Inc from Daily Ad Brief TV on Vimeo.

Hi there, I’m Charlene Shirk, and welcome to Digital Champions, where we speak to some of the most innovative thinkers in the digital space.

And joining us today from Danville, California is Roy Nallapeta with Glance.   

Roy, thank you so much for joining us today on Digital Champions.  

Roy: Thank you very nice meeting you Charlene.  

Charlene: Well, it is our pleasure to have you and tell us what you’re doing over there at Glance.  

Roy: Well, we help SaaS customers convert their email contacts into buyers, and we do so by being an AI add on which provides smart segmentation on their existing marketing automation platforms.  

Charlene: So, for the folks who are watching us because we do have our viewers who are digital marketing experts and then we have folks who are watching us learn more about digital marketing.  

So, could you maybe give us an example of what you do and how you implement it?  

Roy: Super look, you know the world is turning Into a SaaS platform, right? What I mean by that is everything is a subscription-based service. Marketing in recent times has changed. It’s no longer awareness, interest, desire, stuff. It’s more about free trials, converting customers into paid customers, up-selling them, and trying to prevent them from dropping off from your service or unsubscribing.  

What we do is help marketers organize their audience on their marketing platform.  

Let’s say you’re using HubSpot. Let’s say you’re using Active Campaign.  

What ends up happening is you startup with a big list of people. What we do is we organize them by the goals, like whether you want to convert them into paid customers, do you want to convert them into free trails and stuff like that.  

And then what Glance does is in the background it uses AI by which it looks at all the signals on the marketing data, it looks at your other channels like website, billing, and CRM data, and it provides smart segments by identifying as a targeted set of people who are ready to take the next action. So, the marketer does not send an email to the mass and spray-and-pray approach, but right now, he has a very focused approach, that’s what we do. 

Charlene: That makes sense because everybody right now everybody is like you got to own your data.  

You’ve got it, you’ve got and you’ve got to put some love into that email list, and so many people are like, yeah, we have. We really haven’t looked at him forever.  

Let me ask you this, does your service also work with companies to make sure that these are valid emails that they’re active email so that they don’t waste their time sending things to you know 30 or 100 inactive emails.  

Roy: Absolutely, we have a third-party data enrichment tool that provides us the data if the email is active, and we also have a feature where we say that there’s a bunch of contacts even though they have a valid email they’re not acting on your contact list, which means you’re paying money for things that are inactive, so we ask you to archive them.   

It’s critical that email is seen as an even more important one in the B2B world because the privilege of going into somebody’s inbox is not easy, and the costs of a lead in the B2B world is like $50 to $100. So, you definitely want to, you know, utilize the privilege that you already have.  

Charlene: I love how you put that. It is a privilege to be able to be in somebody’s Inbox. I’ve never heard it described, and you’re right. You’re absolutely right.  

So, talk to me a little bit about you say you help with conversions?  

So, ok, we’ve got you. They’re on the list that we want them to be paying customers or send them quality content. Now what? How do you now aggregate to that next level?  

Roy: We’re also linking with product analytics data. In the SaaS world, since the products are always connected, we have links to tools like Amplitude OR Mixpanel, these are the generic product analytics tools that are usually hooked onto.  

We looked at the usage data of the product.  

Then we say there’s a certain pattern that we determine, which indicates high usage, low usage, moderate usage.  

Of course, we’re taking those inputs from the companies that have the products too, and we’re combining that with the email engagement data.  

We’re looking at website visits, we have CRM notes to look at, we look at customer service tickets that the customer may raise and then say, look, this guy is a really good user.  

You can upsell him, and we also look at the organization data or the industry customer profile match and see if this is a very big company that can give us more customers. So, all of these signals correlated together from that signal to buy or upgrade or upsell.  

Charlene: Now we only have about 30 seconds left, but I don’t want to let you go before I ask you what’s your best tip for someone who’s got that email list and how they can make the most out of it. Other than hiring you, other than calling you, that’s an obvious answer. 

Roy: Organize them via goals. Leverage AI where you can automate mundane tasks and definitely try glancehq.ai 

Charlene: Alright, that was. A good close, strong landing.  

Roy, we appreciate you taking the time to join us today as Digital Champions.  

Thank you, bye. 

Roy: Oh, thank you so much, and if you’d like to learn more about what they’re doing over there at Glance and really fascinating stuff as it relates to those email addresses, you can check them out by going to daily@brief.com. 

Well, that’s going to do it for us today on Digital Champions.  

I’m your host, Charlene Shirk, and we look forward to learning something new with you next time.

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