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I am super excited to inform you that we recently launched our integration for product-led growth marketing integration on ActiveCampaign. With this integration, SaaS marketers can achieve growth goals without any engineering support or coding. More specifically, marketers can organize their audience by their growth goals and get smart email segments and relevant content recommendations […]
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Attracting new customers or retaining existing ones is always a tricky task for marketers.  Understanding customer intent is the key to increasing engagement, a customer journey map can work well. It helps analyze user behavior across touchpoints and delivers a seamless experience according to customers’ online activities. But these constant communications across channels can result […]
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Traditional Marketing is obsolete and doesn’t work for product-led growth (PLG) SaaS products. Marketing, including AI email automation, is all about contextual growth marketing now. Why is traditional marketing not relevant anymore? Most traditional marketing looks at buying as a one-time event. Traditionally software license sales were usually one-time occurrences, with the chance to renew […]


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