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In recent years, people have often tended to dismiss email 📧as a marketing tool. On the contrary, we have argued before that it’s the most important medium of communication in today’s times. With the rise of the product-led growth demand mechanism, there’s a clear expectation that the product is supposed to do the selling. That is […]
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  2. SaaS Email
Free trials and demos on SaaS products succeed because they offer a complete experience of benefits and its value proposition without buying the product. It’s pretty standard for SaaS products to offer a ‘free trial’ option through B2B email campaigns to encourage potential sign-ups. This is a good strategy since ‘Free Trial’ or ‘Try for […]
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Traditional Marketing is obsolete and doesn’t work for product-led growth (PLG) SaaS products. Marketing, including AI email automation, is all about contextual growth marketing now. Why is traditional marketing not relevant anymore? Most traditional marketing looks at buying as a one-time event. Traditionally software license sales were usually one-time occurrences, with the chance to renew […]


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