Author: Alekha

  1. Multichannel Insights
  2. SaaS Email
“Cookies in the morning, cookies late at night. Cookies all day, here take another bite!” seems to be the mantra for marketers worldwide today. Cookies make the online marketing world tick. When consumers accept the cookies, they expect a delicious experience from brands, while marketers leverage the data to strategize their marketing plans and target […]
  1. Product
  2. SaaS Email
Attracting new customers or retaining existing ones is always a tricky task for marketers.  Understanding customer intent is the key to increasing engagement, a customer journey map can work well. It helps analyze user behavior across touchpoints and delivers a seamless experience according to customers’ online activities. But these constant communications across channels can result […]
  1. Marketing Sparks
  2. SaaS Email
Free trials and demos on SaaS products succeed because they offer a complete experience of benefits and its value proposition without buying the product. It’s pretty standard for SaaS products to offer a ‘free trial’ option through B2B email campaigns to encourage potential sign-ups. This is a good strategy since ‘Free Trial’ or ‘Try for […]


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