In recent years, people have often tended to dismiss email 📧as a marketing tool. On the contrary, we have argued before that it’s the most important medium of communication in today’s times. With the rise of the product-led growth demand mechanism, there’s a clear expectation that the product is supposed to do the selling. That is a good theoretical point, here’s the problem, people don’t spend all their time around your digital product.

The attention span of an audience is less than 8 seconds, or in other words less than that of a goldfish🐠. Unless your product is a social one, like Tiktok or Instagram, there’s a limit to the engagement that can be had. When this is the case, you also need to get your user’s attention outside of the product. If you are a growth team member who’s focused on applying product-led growth principles, then look no further than email as the best external medium.

7 reasons email is best suited for product-led growth

  1. An email has the privilege to land in your  customer’s inbox, a private space reserved for attention⚠️
  2. It is non-intrusive, can get attention from a customer at his time of choosing, and is asynchronous🔄
  3. Email can embed other interactive media for the customer 🖥
  4. They can be contextual and tailored to match a customer’s the product journey🗺
  5. Email can also act as an educational tool👩‍🏫 for customers who are new to your product. They can also act as a recal🧠 tool for the users who may have lately missed using your product
  6. It can explain the value🔢 and productivity of your product based on a user’s product usage📊 e.g. Grammarly’s insights email provides stats about your writing.
  7. Hugely impactful in the lead generation, nurture, or renewal aspect of your product journey.

All of these and many more make email the right external medium for growth teams looking to implement product-led growth. If you’re using product-led growth in your company, you should definitely consider using Glance.

PS: I originally published this post in Hubspot Community and have modified this to be published on this blog.

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